UPTOWN / Nordbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen is experiencing an increasing need for good housing for the many students living in the Danish capital.

The high-rise studio building Uptown / Nordbro in Nørrebro is with its tower of 100 meters and 29 floors of housing an exceptional solution. In total, the building will consist of approximately 150 student residences ranging from 42 to 115 square meters.

When planning the project, the contractor had a great focus on efficient erection of elements and construction of the in-situ core in concrete. The in-situ core was constructed using DOKA climbing formwork. To avoid protruding corbels in the in-situ core, which would get in the way of the shape of the climbing formwork, the concealed hidden PCs® Corbel solution from Peikko was used to support both concrete and steel beams. The advantage of this solution is that the corbel supporting the beam is installed after the formwork is dismounted. This results in an efficient propulsion of the climbing formwork.

Since crane time is decisive when building high rise, it was decided to use double-high concrete columns in the facade to reduce the number of columns and thereby save crane time. For bracing reasons, traditional element supports were a difficult solution when installing beams in the middle of the column. The prescribing engineer and contractor therefore chose a column shoe solution from Peikko to avoid bracing of the columns during erection and furthermore avoid corrugated tubes which are difficult to cast and quality assure.

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Détails du Projet

Taille du projet:
25 000 m2
CRH Concrete A/S
Entreprise de construction:
KPC & Per Aarsleff A/S
Designer structurel:
ÅF Buildings Denmark
Pré-fabricant de béton:
MT Højgaard
Année de réalisation:
Année de livraison:

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