Museum Storage Complex, Riga, Latvia

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A Museum storage complex is built in order to handle collections of Latvian National History Museum, the Museum of Literature and Music, the foreign art collection and the Latvian art collection of the 1950s to the 21st century of the Latvian National Art Museum.


The complex will not only serve as storage but also will have premises for employeees as well as areas that can be visited by anyone interested in certain collections.

Project is designed according to main pedestrian flows, accessability and green spaces of  the surroundings. This complex also creates one united form that visually joins the premises of different museums so that they do not appear separated.

To create open spaces in the complex over 2 kilometers of DELTABEAM® where delivered. Other solutions chosen for the project where Bolted Column Connections, Petra® Slab Hangers and WELDA® Anchor Plates.

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Détails du Projet

Taille du projet:
30,330 m2
SJSC State Real Estate
Entreprise de construction:
Designer structurel:
Ltd Bureau of architects KRASTS
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