Mabo Invest office and industrial hall, Lelystad, Netherlands

  • Type de bâtiment:
  • Bâtiments industriels
  • Bâtiments à bureaux
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For the new office and industrial hall of Mabo Invest in Lelystad, Peikko supplied its column shoe connection for anchoring the 8 flat columns, which resemble walls. 

The support-free installation of these columns was fast, safe and efficient thanks to this system, says Albert Bakker, project manager at Nieuwenhuis Bouwbedrijf.

Column shoe connections where the perfect solution for a problem we faced; placing the precast columns on the pedestals in a non-paved environment. Supporting the columns and pouring the gains costs a lot of effort. Now we erected the columns without supports. “Piece of cake” according to the responsible construction team; it was literally finished before lunchtime.

Albert Bakker, Projectleider, Nieuwenhuis Bouwbedrijf

Détails du Projet

Mabo Invest
Entreprise de construction:
Nieuwenhuis Bouwbedrijf
Designer structurel:
Nieuwenhuis Bouwontwerp
Pré-fabricant de béton:
Mombarg Betonelementen
Année de réalisation:
Année de livraison:

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