Extension for Rēzekne Technical School, Rēzekne, Latvia

  • Type de bâtiment:
  • Éducation et culture
Plein écran Fermer

The new building for the Rezkne Technical School was built next to existing one so it would be connected to the main training corps with passageways.

The new multifunctional hall of Rezekne Technical College will be used by students and lecturers as a gym and hall for events. It will also include a gym, training rooms for teachers, shower cabins, changing rooms, etc.

Over 100 meters of DELTABEAM® structures were delivered to ensure open spaces. Also for columns, Bolted Column Connections were used.

Détails du Projet

Taille du projet:
17,747 m2
Entreprise de construction:
SIA "Ozola & Bula, arhitektu birojs"
Année de réalisation:
Année de livraison:

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