Pakila Educational Centre, Helsinki, Finland

  • Type de bâtiment:
  • Éducation et culture
Plein écran Fermer

Peikko DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure enabled hybrid structure with open space in this educational building. 

Additionally the lifting of DELTABEAM® for light in combination with CLT slabs under the weather shelter with light mobile crane. Floor structure was implemented with technical installation space on top of CLT without topping concrete enabling dryer assembly. 

At this site, we used DELTABEAM® to make full-height CLT elements work as floor-height walls. This kept the number of elements and joints much smaller.

Janne Manninen. Project Manager, Wood Expert Oy

Détails du Projet

Taille du projet:
2150 m2
City of Helsinki KYMP/RYA
Entreprise de construction:
Oy Rakennuspartio
Arkkitehtitoimisto AFKS
Année de réalisation:
Année de livraison:

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