Assenheimer Car Park, Heilbronn, Germany

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  • Stationnements étagés
Plein écran Fermer

In this project, the conventional construction method of parking decks was converted into a modern and innovative variant with DELTABEAM® and prestressed concrete hollow slabs.

The advantages are a very strongly reduced construction height of the ceilings and thus the entire height of the building. In addition to the need for vertical components such as columns and walls, this saves a considerable amount of cost-intensive facade area.

Due to the lightweight construction in slim-floor construction, outgoing loads up to the foundation could be considerably reduced. The prefabricated construction method with pre-stressed hollow concrete slabs and DELTABEAM® allows a fast construction sequence and thus a safe adherence to the planned construction times.

A further special advantage of the DELTABEAM® construction method is compliance with the R90 fire protection requirement without further measures at the construction site. Especially in the critical ramp area, particularly flat transitions were designed to avoid damage to vehicles. 

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Détails du Projet

Taille du projet:
8000 m2
Entreprise de construction:
WOLFF & MÜLLER Hoch- und Industriebau GmbH & Co. KG
Designer structurel:
GSW Tragwerksplanung GmbH
Pré-fabricant de béton:
ELBE delcon Spannbetondecken Vertiebs-GmbH
Année de réalisation:
Année de livraison:

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