One Riverside, Philadelphia, USA

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  • Bâtiments résidentiels
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Dranoff Luxury Properties is adding yet another great touch in the Philadelphia Skyline with the One Riverside Project. With just 82 residences, the soaring 22-story glass skyscraper offers the best of everything in a location second-to-none. Built by premier developer Carl Dranoff and designed by acclaimed architect, Cecil Baker, it is a contemporary beacon for the neighborhood that is beautifully integrated into the texture and fabric of Fitler Square.

Which such quality standards in mind, a cast-in-place concrete structure was chosen for this landmark project. As with any residential development, the floor-to-floor height and ceiling esthetics was of great importance for the architect and developer. In order to remove any drop panels at the intersection of the concrete columns and slabs, Peikko shear rails were utilized. These punching shear reinforcement rails increase the capacity of the slab where it is most vulnerable and allows for continuous flat ceilings even around columns. This solution reduces the formwork, reinforcement and concrete cost of the slabs while reducing the overall floor to floor height.

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At the end of the day Peikko's price was the deciding factor, but the responsiveness to any requests that I had gave me confidence to trust Peikko and know that I wouldn’t have any issues with getting the material when I needed it. I’m very satisfied with the service level Peikko provided us, the products were always delivered on time and there was a constant following up to make sure delivery dates were still good. I would absolutely recommend Peikko on other projects.

Patrick Stewart, Project Manager

Détails du Projet

Dranoff Luxury Properties
Entreprise de construction:
Madison Concrete
Designer structurel:
The Harman Group
Cecil Baker + Partners
Année de réalisation:
2015 - 2016

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